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Women in Engineering – An Update

Women in Engineering – An Update

Engineering is a field that has often been considered male-dominated. However, organizations such as IEEE’s Women in Engineering (WIE) and the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) are striving for parity and gender equality in the workplace for female engineers and...

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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Sports

In 2002 the Oakland Athletics made use of data and analytics to overcome a small budget and compete against teams with budgets that eclipsed their own. The Athletics proceeded to go on a 20 game win streak showing how effective a data-driven approach can be. Flash...

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Sony – Rollable Smartphone

Most smartphones look pretty similar for the most part right? Google’s Pixel 3, Apple’s iPhone XR, and Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Plus, they are sleek flat screen phones that utilize a powerful camera. However, Sony plans to break away from this mold with a phone that rolls...

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Google Fuchsia: What is it?

In August of 2016, we heard murmurs of an elusive operating system called Google Fuchsia. Although this system has been in the works for nearly 3 years, Google has been tight-lipped about its features and prototypes. But despite all their clandestine development, one...

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Cloud-Gaming with Google: Stadia

Google intends to make a significant change to the world of gaming later in the year with its cloud-gaming service “Stadia.”  Stadia launches November of this year, and the main goal of the service is to make gaming more accessible for users through the use of the...

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Virtual Reality in Retail

Virtual Reality has become highly prevalent in society today, and through the use of virtual reality, headset users can experience a new environment. Many people use virtual reality to enhance their gaming experience, Sony’s VR headset is a prime example of this which...

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