EPICS in IEEE is proud to support the IEEE International Humanitarian Technology Conference (IEEE IHTC) November 1-3, 2023 in Cartagena, Colombia. Through the sponsorship of this conference, EPICS in IEEE is supporting 12-14 students who are participating in the student branch regional meeting, to attend the IHTC. The committee is thrilled to help these students experience this conference and learn more about humanitarian technologies.

In addition, committee member, Professor Pedro Wightman, will present a 3-hour workshop on EPICS in IEEE and the process for submitting a service learning proposal. Pedro is a Principal Professor at the School of Engineering, Science, and Technology at Universidad del Rosario and was a faculty mentor participant in a past EPICS In IEEE project.

The workshop will give the attendees the opportunity to brainstorm ideas for how they can use engineering to make a difference in their local community. Dr. Wightman will also present what the EPICS in IEEE committee is looking for in the proposals that are funded. There will also be an opportunity for students and attendees to ask questions that they may have on the EPICS in IEEE process.

“Being part of an EPICS project is a great opportunity for students in several ways: it allows them to improve their technical skills by facing real challenges beyond the classroom, develop professional skills such as effective communication, teamwork, leadership, and empathy, and by working with the community students learn first-hand how technology can directly benefit the people in their local community. By creating a solution along with the community stakeholders, the value of the work and solution increases. For the students involved, this complete experience and its positive impact lasts way after graduation and is visible in their professional practice,” says Professor Wightman. “The IHTC conference is a perfect venue to discuss this valuable program and help students brainstorm ideas for their own projects.”

If you are planning to attend the IHTC conference, please be sure to attend the EPICS in IEEE workshop. This multi-regional conference series is the perfect opportunity for EPICS in IEEE to share information about the resources the program can provide to assist students in service learning projects. From attending the workshop, the hope is that students and professionals will take away tips for submitting a proposal and inspiration to help make an impact in their local community through engineering.