Transform Communities and Impact Lives

Your support brings innovative solutions to communities

Throughout the world, communities need innovation to overcome challenges. Your donations fund projects that meet those needs and provide a hands-on education for the next generation of engineers committed to community service.

When you donate to EPICS, your investment has a long-lasting impact on communities and the student volunteers involved in the program. Even when a project ends, the real change is just beginning.

Here’s how:

Sustainable change for communities

Imagine funding a project that helps solve an environmental issue in a community. It not only impacts that community now, but improves the quality of life for years to come. Or, imagine if your donation provides STEM-based curriculum to an underserved school district. Those resources can enrich the education of thousands of students. This is the type of exponential impact your contributions can have in the world.

Exceptional training for engineering students

Students gain critical skills that help them launch successful careers. The leadership, teamwork, communication, and interpersonal skills they develop on projects prepares them for the workforce like no other program, and positions them for success in the engineering discipline. Your investment helps shape the engineers of tomorrow.


We’re all about transforming lives—both of the people our projects impact and the students who implement the solutions. But it takes a collective effort to make that happen. Thank you to these, and all our donors, for making a difference!
Giving Back by Supporting IEEE Initiatives

Giving Back by Supporting IEEE Initiatives

Rafi Koutoby Member Grade: Member As an active IEEE member throughout his student years at California State University-Long Beach (US), Rafi Koutoby -- now a Distribution Engineer at utility company Southern California Edison in Pomona, CA, US -- confirmed that his...

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IEEE Changed My World

IEEE Changed My World

Saurabh Sinha MEMBER GRADE: Senior Member A student member since the 1990s and Professor of Engineering and Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Research and Internationalization at the University of Johannesburg in South Africa, “I acquired experience within IEEE in a...

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Leveraging Donor Advised Funds

Leveraging Donor Advised Funds

Lawrence D’Addario Goldsmith Legacy League Member Since joining IEEE as a student in 1988, Lawrence D’Addario continues to find great reasons to support IEEE. “I maintain my membership because besides educational, networking and development activities, belonging to a...

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Supporting Next-Generation Professionals

Supporting Next-Generation Professionals

Jason Fritz MEMBER GRADE: Senior Member I joined IEEE as a freshman at the University of Dayton, FL, USA in order to learn more about the engineering field and, since then, IEEE has provided opportunities to learn and network through various IEEE publications and...

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Here are some more ways donor-supported projects have made a difference throughout the world.

Empowering the Hearing Impaired

Students from National Engineering College in India developed an app that translates Indian sign language phrases into spoken Tamil and English, and vice versa, to enable communication between hearing and hearing impaired people in Southern India.

Cost: $7,900
Impact: 125 people

Planting Seeds to Meet Community Needs

Students from Ohio State University used a Farmbot to help maintain a garden that grows foods for an economically depressed area during the COVID-19 pandemic. They also helped a virtual townhall to educate children about how the farmbot works

Cost: $10,000
Impact: Over 2,000 people

Cutting-Edge Prosthetic for Disabled Dogs

Students from Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, N.J., developed a motorized canine prosthetic for a disabled dogs. Using 3-D modeling, they created an adaptive, rugged model that can be modified to fit dogs of different sizes and serve each dog’s unique needs.

Cost: $10,000
Impact: 5 students, 1 dog

Sustainable Water for Orphans

Students from University of Cape Town designed and installed a solar hot water geyser to create warm water and electricity for a children’s home in South Africa.

Cost: $9,500
Impact: 600 children


Program Impact



invested in projects


of donations go directly to projects

Estimated People Impacted

Dealing with the real problems of deploying an engineering project is for sure something you do not learn in the classroom…. all the students participating in the project are facing new real situations, which are better preparing us to the job market. 



I have been able to learn how to link-up and interact with communities successfully and how to get communities to appreciate, adopt, and utilize innovative communities for their benefit. I have also been able to widen my skills base in technology, management, and human relations. 



Small grants like EPICS in IEEE are an incredible resource for students and small teams. The EPICS grant helped us get off the ground, and later lent an air of legitimacy to future grant applications and publications.

John V.

Donor Levels

Programmatic Donations

Programmatic donations help us to continue to impact the world by funding sustainable community enhancement projects, as well as supporting our University Initiative and K-12 Initiative for multiple years.

Platinum: Supports five community enhancement projects
Gold: Supports a university initiative for four years
Silver: Supports a K-12 initiative city program for two years
Bronze: Supports a community enhancement project

Engineering Spotlight Donations

Spotlight donations support a number of projects, including community enhancement efforts around the world and K-12 Initiatives that educate students in school districts throughout the United States.

Series: Supports two to three community enhancement projects and K-12 initiative in four cities
K-12: Supports K-12 initiative in four cities
Episodes: Supports a community enhancement project

The EPICS committee approves all expenditures of the program. All donations are managed by the IEEE Foundation.