Develop Innovative Solutions that Change Lives

Improve communities through the power of engineering

You have the knowledge to solve problems, the skills to develop solutions, and the passion to help communities. It’s the perfect combination to impact lives through service-learning engineering projects.

IEEE volunteers and student members are essential to the success of EPICS projects. They are not only the brains, but also the heart behind every project that brings sustainable change to communities. Whether it’s developing apps to improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities, creating solutions to environmental issues, or improving education for K-12 children, volunteers like you are changing lives through the power of technology.

As a student, you get to get real life experience to broaden your skills outside of the classroom and make a difference in communities. As an IEEE volunteer, you get to lead a team of students and make a lasting impact on their careers and the communities you serve.

We support the projects through funding, mentorship, and global recognition.

IEEE volunteers:

  • Lead students in hands-on projects
  • Make a sustainable impact on a community level
  • Improve STEM education in local schools
  • Receive global recognition for projects


  • Develop project management, technical, teamwork, and leadership skills
  • Receive mentoring from engineering professionals
  • Make a sustainable impact on a community level
  • Receive global recognition for your project


Industry professionals can play a critical role in the success of a service learning project. By sharing your experience in technical design, professionalism, client/stakeholder relations, and/or project management, you can mentor a student-based EPICS team and increase the likelihood of successful community-based project deployment. With projects that potentially impact tens of thousands of individuals, your time and expertise can have a huge impact!

Learn more about how mentors have helped EPICS projects

As a mentor, you get the benefit of sharing your lessons learned and expertise with a team of developing engineers. You can share both your technical and professional expertise and see the students grow as their project progresses.

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