By Stephanie Gillespie

Industry professionals can play a critical role in the success of a service learning project. By sharing your experience in technical design, professionalism, client/stakeholder relations, and/or project management, you can mentor a student-based EPICS team and increase the likelihood of successful community-based project deployment. With projects that potentially impact tens of thousands of individuals, your time and expertise can have a huge impact!

Some examples of how mentors have helped EPICS projects have included:

  •         Provided technical feedback on designs (Bridging the academic to real-world gap)
  •         Helped a team navigate a communication breakdown with a community partner
  •         Suggested alternate materials when supply chain issues were going to delay a project
  •         Served as a mediator when team conflicts on a design or project decision arise
  •         Connected the team to other professionals with specific expertise or experiences that the team could benefit from

As a mentor, you get the benefit of sharing your lessons learned and expertise with a team of developing engineers. You can share both your technical and professional expertise and see the students grow as their project progresses.

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