Once you have a draft proposal, you can submit your project proposal through our grant management platform. Below is morning information on the grant management platform including tutorials on how to use the system. In addition, we have provided some items for you to think about before submitting your proposal to increase the likelihood of approval.

Grant Management Platform- Foundant
Link: https://www.grantinterface.com/Home/Logon?urlkey=ieeeepics
Once you create an account, you are able to submit your proposal through this platform.

● Video Tutorial 1: Site Access & Account Creation (3 minutes long)
● Video Tutorial 2: Applying for Funding (5 minutes long)
● Video Tutorial 3: Your Applicant Dashboard (3 minutes long)
Written Tutorial

EPICS in IEEE only accepts project proposals from current IEEE members.


Items to consider as you fill out your application:
As you go through the application, the following are questions the EPICS in IEEE Committee typically look for as they review your proposal. Please use the following questions as a guide while entering your proposal.


1. Does the project address some element of engineering design?
Note we do not typically fund research proposals that are focused on problem-identification or data-collection, rather than

2. Does the project align well with the needs of the non-profit (NGO)?


3. Will the non-profit organization continue or sustain project implementations once it is completed?


4. How does this project fit within the scope of the EPICS theme?


5. How is the project an example of service learning? Is there a meaningful impact on the participants?


6. How does the budget match the proposed efforts, and are the budget items allowable? EPICS in IEEE typically only funds requests for materials and it does not typically approve requests for stipends, honorariums, maintenance, personal computers, significant capital equipment or machinery, etc


7. What are the pre and post-assessment plans for the project (how will success be measured)?