Partner with us to uplift communities through engineering projects

Community challenges require collaborative efforts to develop sustainable change. EPICS in IEEE partners help grow and elevate our program to the next level and allow for more service-learning projects.

Why Partner with EPICS in IEEE?

An EPICS in IEEE partner is a group with which our program has an ongoing, mutually beneficial relationship that aids in the goals of both organizations.

Value for our Partners

  • Provides support, resources, and mentors for service learning projects
  • Engages student and young professional members in a humanitarian program
  • Provides service learning opportunities to help prepare the next generation of engineers for their future careers
  • EPICS in IEEE hosted webinars to showcase the program and proposal review process curated for partner organizations
  • Partners have increased visibility through the inclusion of your partner logo on the EPICS in IEEE website and thank you slide in our presentation template and inclusion in our annual report

Partner Organization Member Engagement

  • Opportunity to create teams and submit service learning proposals to increase student member engagement
  • Mentor EPICS in IEEE project teams
  • Serve as a project proposal reviewer

    How Partners Can Support EPICS in IEEE 

    • Financially support our program and the service learning projects
    • Share our resources with your members to help solicit projects within your technical scope
    • Share our stories to help expand the reach of our program
    • Provide discounted or free speaking opportunities at conferences, [or provide waived student registrations/travel grants for EPICS in IEEE students to present posters/papers at your conference]

    Call for Partnership Flyer

    Current EPICS in IEEE Partners

    EPICS in IEEE would like to thank our partners who have supported service learning projects. Without your support, we would not be able to fund as many wonderful student projects.

    Interested in Partnering with EPICS? Contact Us Today