Project Process

See the opportunities. Imagine the possibilities. Transform communities.

Your community has challenges. You have the knowledge and skills to solve them. We can help you with the resources to create change.

Ready to take action?

See the opportunities

Every community has unique challenges that need solutions. Look around your community for opportunities for improvement.

Imagine the possibilities

Think of ways you can bring change. Engineers design and develop systems, structures, and devices that improve the quality of life. You’re only an idea away from creating change.

Transform communities

You know the challenge. You have a solution. Now it’s time to partner with the local community and fellow IEEE members to put the idea into action.

Project Process


Identify a problem

Identify & document a problem in your community that you can solve

Assemble your team, including IEEE section volunteers
Talk to the community and follow the EPICS human-centered design process for input before you start

Prepare and submit your application

Brainstorm possible solutions, select one, and determine the supplies and budget you need
Discuss how you will know the solution will work

Draft your application materials

see additional application details


Implement your solution

Work with your team to complete the solution
Expect to redesign if the solution doesn’t work
Complete quarterly reports and assessment forms if receiving funding from EPICS
Take photos that document the project in action


Reflect and assess the project

Complete final impact assessment immediately after completing the project
Submit final reports
Get feedback from community or individuals impacted
Consider implementing a long-term impact plan