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Connecting Engineering to Community Service

The mission of the EPICS in IEEE is to empower university students to work along with technical professionals and communities around the world to enhance their practical engineering skills and knowledge through service-learning experiences.

Preparing the Next Generation of Engineers

Technology can change the world, but it takes people working together, using skills such as communication, collaboration, and creativity to apply technical solutions to community challenges.

Unfortunately, engineering students don’t have enough opportunities to foster those critical soft skills in real-world settings before entering the workforce.

That’s why EPICS champions a unique, service-learning approach to engineering education that focuses on hands-on experience and holistic skill development. Students collaborate with IEEE engineering professionals on community enhancement projects to design, build, and deploy sustainable solutions. In the process, they develop highly sought-after skills such as project management, leadership, teamwork, communication, and decision-making.

The result is young engineers well-equipped for the workforce and a community transformed by the power of technology.


Global Reach, Local Impact

Wherever you are, you can make an impact in your community. Here are some of our projects from around the world.


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South America


Program Impact


IEEE Volunteers

Student Volunteers

Estimated Impacted

Dealing with the real problems of deploying an engineering project is for sure something you do not learn in the classroom…. all the students participating in the project are facing new real situations, which are better preparing us to the job market. 



I have been able to learn how to link-up and interact with communities successfully and how to get communities to appreciate, adopt, and utilize innovative communities for their benefit. I have also been able to widen my skills base in technology, management, and human relations. 



Small grants like EPICS in IEEE are an incredible resource for students and small teams. The EPICS grant helped us get off the ground, and later lent an air of legitimacy to future grant applications and publications.

John V.

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Looking to volunteer, lead a project, or partner with us? Here’s what you need to know.

How do I submit a project proposal?

You can submit a proposal via our submission platform or e-mail with your additional questions.

How much funding can I get for a project?

Awards can be used for project-related supplies (as opposed to personnel costs) and typically range from US$1,000 to US$10,000 apiece.

What is the project approval process?

The EPICS in IEEE initiative team will review your submission and will contact you within 30 days of receipt for either more information or with an acceptance or rejection notice.

How do I become a project volunteer?
Contact your local IEEE section or contact us at