EPICS in IEEE Travel Grant Program

EPICS in IEEE Student Travel Grant Program Overview

EPICS in IEEE has the opportunity for our student team members to apply for travel grants to present at IEEE conferences. Our students can be reimbursed up to $1,000 for travel to conferences where the team will be presenting about their EPICS in IEEE funded project. Take a look at the travel grant FAQs below.

Application Information

To be considered for a travel grant students from an EPICS in IEEE funded project must fill out the below application form. The forms are reviewed by the EPICS in IEEE according to the below deadlines. 

Yearly Application Deadlines: 22 May 2024  & 1 November 2024

Application Link

Are you interested in applying for a travel grant?

Here’s what you need to know.

Thank you for inviting us to share our prototype at the 2024 IEEE Rising Stars Conference and for all the coordination involved with our EPICS in IEEE travel grant. I learned a lot through the project showcase, workshops, and networking with the sponsors and attendees. It was a great time and the team is thrilled about winning the award which provides us with great motivation to see this project all the way through.

Seth Storino

Hydration Station EPICS in IEEE Project Lead

Do I have to be an IEEE Member to apply?

It is not required, but IEEE members will be given higher priority for the grants. Learn more about student membership here: https://www.ieee.org/membership/join/index.html 

Who can apply for funding?

Student project team participants from an EPICS in IEEE funded project. If a team member recently graduated, they can still apply, as long as they were a student during the project.

Can I apply if I already received an EPICS in IEEE travel grant?
A student cannot be awarded more than one travel grant from EPICS in IEEE.
Can my entire team apply for an EPICS in IEEE travel grant?
Generally, only one student per team will be awarded an EPICS in IEEE travel grant. Additional students, faculty, or professionals may be able to attend the conference with other funding sources.
Can this travel grant be used to attend an IEEE conference if I am not presenting?
You must be giving a presentation on your EPICS in IEEE project to be considered for travel grants. Different types of presentation options may exist for students including project showcases, poster-only, poster + paper, panels, and full technical paper + presentations. Students are encouraged to read closely the expectations of the conference requirements to ensure their materials align with the call for proposals and increase the likelihood of conference acceptance.
What types of conferences can I use the grants for?

EPICS in IEEE travel grants can only be used to attend IEEE conferences or workshops where the student will present about their EPICS in IEEE-funded project.

Do I need to be accepted by the conference to apply for the travel grant?
You can apply for the travel grant before acceptance is confirmed since there are only two deadlines each year. However, the travel grant will not be formally approved until acceptance from the conference is shown. Note that the EPICS in IEEE program cannot control or influence conference acceptance decisions.
When should I apply for a travel grant?
Individuals are encouraged to apply for the advertised travel grant deadline that is a minimum of 2 months before they expect to need to book travel arrangements and register for the conference. From a project perspective, preference will be given to those individuals who are presenting EPICS in IEEE projects that have been deployed into a community with impact assessment data completed. Projects not yet at this stage may still be funded if accepted for presentation and there are travel-grant funds available.
What types of travel costs are reimbursable?
Reimbursable costs include flights, hotel, mileage, train tickets, food while traveling, local transit in the city of the conference, and conference registration fees (please try to register with early bird or student pricing if possible).  Please view our Expense Reimbursement Guide for more details. Note receipts are required for ALL reimbursements.
How will I receive the funds once approved?
The funds will be reimbursed to the grant recipient after the event through the IEEE CONCUR system. Information will be sent to the travel grant recipient after the event.
When will I know if I have been selected for the travel grant?
It will take the committee approximately one month to review your travel grant application and select recipients. Recipients will be notified by email.