Rafi Koutoby
Member Grade: Member

As an active IEEE member throughout his student years at California State University-Long Beach (US), Rafi Koutoby — now a Distribution Engineer at utility company Southern California Edison in Pomona, CA, US — confirmed that his years-long affiliation with IEEE has proven invaluable, both personally and professionally.

“My IEEE and Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) memberships have helped me network and build relationships with several professionals in my field around the world,” Koutoby said.  “Having access to some publications through those memberships has also been a huge plus.”

In recent years, Koutoby has donated to everything from the IEEE Foundation Fund and Eta Kappa Nu to EPICS, Smart Village, REACH, and more.  “These initiatives appealed to me because, at the most basic level, engineering is about utilizing applied sciences to analyze problems and solve them,” he explained.  “It excites me that the missions of REACH, EPICS, and others involve them in such activities as community service, community electrification, history education, and more through the medium of engineering projects.”

“For me,” Koutoby added, “it also goes back to values — the values my parents instilled in me, the values my religion imparts in me, the values recognized and sought out by IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu, and the values strengthened at Southern California Edison, where I’m employed.  Giving back is a huge part of what all of those values taught me, and it’s at the core of why I donate to a variety of IEEE’s initiatives.”

Looking ahead, “I hope that my donations will help support IEEE’s efforts by providing aid to those who need it and by inspiring people to pursue engineering as a career,” Koutoby said.  “The value of contributing to IEEE and its programs comes from making a difference when we’re not able to do so physically, and it also helps to empower and inspire others.”