Congratulations to the Selected Projects

Out of 168 proposals received from the Fall Call for Environmental Proposals, the committee is proud to announce the 21 projects kicking off in 2024.


  1. An AIoT-powered SmartAgricultural System for PestsForecasting and Management- Indonesia-APS Funded
  2. Revitalizing Rural School and empowering IndigenousCommunities- Malaysia-APS Funded
  3. Enhancing Water Hygiene: Microplastic Surveillance inAquatic Environments- Pakistan- IMS Funded
  4. Clean Current-India-SSCS Funded
  5. HyaciGuard: Restoring WaterEcosystem Innovatively- India-EPICS Funded
  6. Credit-based Smart Garbage Disposal Bin-India-APS Funded
  7. Smart Biodigesters for a Better Environment in Rural Areas- Colombia-IEEE Standards Association Funded
  8. Mitigating the TaxonomicImpediment Problem of PlantsUsing ML and Citizen Science-Lebanon-APS Funded
  9. Automatic Water Level ControlSystem for Alternate Wetting-and-drying Technique-Thailand- SSCS Funded
  10. Solar PV Powered IoT -Sustainable Smart Greenhouse-USA-APS Funded
  11. Precision Agriculture: OptimizingSoil, Climate, and Seed Selection to Improve the Yield-India-EPICS Funded
  12. What We Breathe?- Macedonia-IMS Funded
  13. Development of a Solar-powered smart Pump Drive for sustainable Irrigation Farming-Uganda-EPICS Funded
  14. HiveGuard: Sustainable Apiculture – Guatemala- EPICS Funded
  15. Gaia: Smart and Sustainable Forest -India-IEEE Standards Association Funded
  16. Hydration Automation (HA)-USA-EPICS Funded
  17. Gili Genting Island’s Oxygen Conservation: IoT-Driven PV-RO for Salt and Drinkable Water Production- Indonesia-EPICS Funded
  18. Smart Monitoring of Fruit Trees: The case of olive trees – Western Turkey-IEEE Standards Association Funded
  19. CAPTURE – Citywide Assessment and Pollution Tracking for Urban Resilience and Environment-Pakistan-IMS Funded
  20. IEEE CEC SIGHT – Water Surface Cleaning Robot-India-EPICS Funded
  21. Reliable and Sustainable Clean Water Access for Kakoma Community-Uganda- EPICS Funded