EPICS in IEEE is looking for project proposal reviewers to help evaluate service learning proposals that enable students to solve local community challenges through technology. Since the Pandemic the number of individuals interested in positively impacting their community has grown and has led to an increase in project proposal submissions.  We are excited to expand our service learning community by inviting individuals to join us in the project review process. 

Reviewers will attend a 1-hour training, review 3-5 proposals, and submit an evaluation form for each project. If you have any experience with engineering, engineering education, engineering for humanitarian initiatives, or simply want to get involved with EPICS in IEEE, this opportunity is for you. 

Please fill out and submit a form if you are interested in becoming a reviewer by October 15th, 2023. Selected reviewers will receive an invitation to a 1-hour training session about the EPICS in IEEE proposal evaluation process. As a reviewer, you should be prepared to dedicate approximately 30 mins to review each proposal, in addition to the training session, from November 3rd-17th. There will be committee members available to help train and answer questions for the reviewers. 

Reasons you should become an EPICS in IEEE Proposal Reviewer: 

  • Learn more about Service Learning Pedagogy
  • Become an expert on the EPICS in IEEE Rubric
  • Write stronger proposals yourself
  • Give back to students and their local communities

If you are still unsure or have additional questions, please reach out at epicsinieee@ieee.org.