Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS in IEEE) is hosting a workshop at the 2023 IEEE-HKN Student Leadership Conference on November 3rd. The workshop titled Learning through Community Service: EPICS in IEEE  is for students interested in submitting service-learning project proposals as part of the HKN service hours.

“Service is a core value of HKN.” says Steve Watkins, past HKN President. “EPICS in IEEE provides valuable resources and structure with which students can impact their campus and communities.  We hope that this workshop will inspire our HKN chapters to enhance their service activities through an EPICS-supported project.”

EPICS in IEEE provides financial grants to student groups to participate in and complete service-learning projects in their communities in the areas of human services, environment, access and abilities, or education and outreach. EPICS envisions a world where engineering education is intimately connected to community service. Over the last 13 years, the program has supported the development of more than 180 projects worldwide, involving over 10,000 pre-university and university students. Projects can receive between $1,000-$10,000 dollars in funding for prototyping materials for their projects. 

During the workshop, Watkins, Professor of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Missouri University of Science and Technology and a Member of the EPICS in IEEE committee will introduce EPICS in IEEE and facilitate brainstorming sessions that could turn your Chapter’s ideas into future funding proposals. Participating in an EPICS in IEEE project provides participants with a unique hands-on service hours experience that helps prepare them for their future careers.

If you are planning to attend the HKN Student Leadership Conference, be sure to attend the EPICS in IEEE session and stop by the EPICS in IEEE exhibit table to talk with our team. To learn more about EPICS in IEEE, and to view past projects, visit us at


Check out the EPICS in IEEE article featured in the HKN Bridge magazine that highlights two of our projects!