Virtual Reality has become highly prevalent in society today, and through the use of virtual reality, headset users can experience a new environment. Many people use virtual reality to enhance their gaming experience, Sony’s VR headset is a prime example of this which can take users into the world of their favorite video game. However, we are beginning to see that VR headsets can be used for other applications as well.

Wal-Mart has begun using virtual reality to assist in the training of new employees, and they are also using it to find employees capable of middle-management positions. 

Multiple scenarios can be presented throughout the use of VR, for example, associates can be placed into a situation in which they need to calm an angry shopper, another scenario could be assisting a customer find an item throughout the store such as mascara. After participating in the scenario, the employee would then undergo an assessment by the hiring manager and VR technology to evaluate their strengths.  

Wal-Mart is not the only company that has adapted VR to assist with the training of their employees, Johnson & Johnson has launched surgical programs for their doctors and nurses through the use of VR, Ford has begun to use 3D Virtual Reality tools that enable them to work alongside colleagues from remote locations. 

Virtual-Reality headsets help to bring a new element of training to the workforce, and it can be especially useful for employees that have never had to deal with an irate customer before. As technology continues to develop, the simulations that Virtual Reality can conduct and the applications will continue to grow.