Sustainability and conservation continue to rise as some of the most critical issues to address using technology. From creating accessible, sustainable energy sources to finding new ways to reduce waste and recycle materials, engineers are called upon now more than ever to develop novel and efficient ways to protect our planet.

EPICS in IEEE holds environmental causes and sustainability as one of its pillars of community improvement. Because communities across the globe face issues regarding sustainable technology, many EPICS in IEEE grants revolve around using engineering to find environmental solutions. 

From a project researching recycling and the effects of solid waste in Colombia to providing solar power to the citizens of Thíes, Senegal, EPICS is helping preserve our environment through addressing issues in engineers’ local communities. 

However, these projects don’t only help communities, but also support engineering students. These projects provide hands-on technical experience to engineers considering jobs in the rapidly expanding fields of alternative energy and environmental engineering. Encouraging students of all ages to get involved in STEM projects allows them to better understand what a career in STEM looks like and enables their curiosity to blossom. 

Although environmental issues affect us all, it seems that the future of sustainability lies in the hands of our future engineers, and EPICS in IEEE is excited and ready to support them along their journey.

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