In August of 2016, we heard murmurs of an elusive operating system called Google Fuchsia. Although this system has been in the works for nearly 3 years, Google has been tight-lipped about its features and prototypes. But despite all their clandestine development, one of Fuchsia’s important supposed features has come to the surface: Cross-platform development abilities (iOS, Google, Android). 

Allowing for cross-talk between all the platforms leads to a multitude of opportunities for developers and tech users alike. It will enable users to use any piece of technology they currently have available to access all the benefits of each individual platform, encouraging creativity, collaboration, and innovation.

Google hopes to treat Fuchsia as an experiment in creating technology that can be accessible for all regardless of what platform they typically use. 

We hope to hear more updates on Fuchsia shortly, but Google has given no hints on when the tech will be released or any features it may contain.