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Environmental Competition

You Can Change the World

Climate change has increased the frequency of natural disasters and negatively impacting millions of people from coast to coast throughout the United States. Through your training as an engineer: With your educational background in engineering and technology, your team is in an excellent position to tackle these challenges and provide solutions to local environmental issues.

The Competition

The EPICS in IEEE Environmental Competition, in partnership with the United Engineering Foundation (UEF), focuses on environmentally focused projects. This competition is meant to harness the power and potential of university students to mitigate and address the impact of climate change. Students in the United States will have the opportunity to address the technological needs of communities. SELECTED PROJECTS CAN RECEIVE UP TO $10,000 USD.


  • All proposals must be submitted through the EPICS in IEEE proposal Platform
  • Each Team must be comprised of students from, at least two, different engineering disciplines and have faculty support in using service learning
  • Each team must partner with a non-profit organization that will benefit from the solution developed
  • All awarded competition must be used for materials related to the project. (i.e., salaries, honorariums, personal computers, etc. are not eligible for funding)
  • Each team must submit bi-monthly progress reports and meet their with their assigned mentor
  • All projects must be deployed and completed within the community by DECEMBER 1, 2022

Important Dates

  • Proposal Submission – 1 November 2021 to 7 May 2022
  • Projects Selection – June 2022
  • Bi-monthly progress Reports Due – 1 May, 1 July, 1 September, 1 November
  • Project Completion – 14 November 2022
  • Final Report – December 2022

Supporting Organizations

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