Project | Wind-Powered Electrical Supply for Humanitarian Field Operations

LOCATION: Baltimore, Maryland, USA | PROJECT LAUNCHED: 2015



  • IEEE Student Branch, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
  • Howard High School technology education class


    The “Wind-Powered Electrical Supply for Humanitarian Field Operations” project involves university student branch members at The University of Maryland, Baltimore County, with 20 high school students from Howard High School’s technology education class. The project will count towards the high school students’ senior year capstone project. The non-profit organization partner will be Global Outcomes, Inc. (GO). GO provides quality resources to promote correct, consistent, and compliant healthcare delivery in rural and low-income environments in the US and developing world. GO develops model facilities that are able to sustain the requirements of country codes, the World Health Organization, ISO, and the US Food and Drug Administration.

    The project team will focus on the design and implementation of solar and wind-powered supplies to provide electricity for humanitarian operations at rural and disastrous areas. The generated electrical power will be able to cover the need of computing/communication, illumination, and small instrument operations. With the small size, light weight (portability), energy free (sustainability), and low cost (availability) characteristics of the technology, the proposed project will bring significant impact to humanitarian operations and the low-income community.



    IEEE Student Branch, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

    Howard High School

    Global Outcomes, Inc.