Project | Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Recycling Program

LOCATION: Córdoba, Argentina | PROJECT LAUNCHED: 2015


  • IEEE Córdoba subsection of Argentina
  • National University of Córdoba (UNC)



As the demand for information technology and communications grows, the life-cycle of equipment becomes shorter due to constant updates. The result is a significant rise in the amount of e-scrap, e-waste, or “Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment” (WEEE). As homes, businesses, and government facilities replace their equipment, they dispose of these products in large deposits, taking up more and more physical space.

The IEEE Cordoba subsection of Argentina will work with students from the National University of Cordoba (UNC) to create and establish a recycling loop for e-waste. A laboratory will be built to use as a facility to refurbish old computers donated by private companies and government agencies.

In the first year, 100 computers will be repaired and restored by university students. After being taken apart, with each component piece being tested, the computers will be repaired, cleaned and assembled. The proper operating programs will then be installed. As this process occurs, high school students will study the computer parts hands-on, and also gain awareness about recycling e-waste. A website will also be developed to document the ongoing cycle of recycling started by the project.

The refurbished computers will then be dispersed among ten or more schools or institutions that are in need of the equipment. These computers will be installed with thin client technology, both as large groups for labs or as singular PCs for workstations.

This system will help to expand the program, with computer donations eventually going towards any institutions in need, such as hospitals, pensioners, and special schools for children that have disabilities.


IEEE Argentina – Córdoba

National University of Córdoba