Project | Uganda Solar Powered Solutions

LOCATION: Kampala, Uganda | PROJECT LAUNCHED: 2014


  • Kyambogo University



To encourage engineering interests in Uganda, students from Kyambogo University, in Kampala, will be working with students from Agha Khan High School to enhance their engineering skills. The university students were chosen by LOG’EL, a non-profit dedicated to promoting electrical engineering in Uganda, based on their outstanding orienting and training skills in engineering practices and principles.

Together, the student groups will transform their theoretical knowledge in engineering skills with an innovative, hands-on approach. They will learn to design and build environmentally friendly, solar-powered phone chargers and charging controllers, which can be targeted for low-income and marginalized mass communities.

The students will design and construct specifications for the prototype. With this project, they will learn how to draw and illustrate specifications for a project, compare different power sources and figure out the reliability and durability of their model. They will eventually build a model prototype based on their designs.

Through learning technological solutions, they will be able to address the challenges of environmental degradation in communities and in their country. Further, by going through the development process, students will not only reinforce their understanding of engineering but transform their knowledge in to marketable skills for their future employment.


Kyambogo University


Aga Khan High School