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  • IES College of Engineering


    In cities, traffic control can become chaotic when an emergency vehicle must travel through a busy intersection. In order to address this problem, students from IES College of Engineering in Kerala, India, will conceive and implement a wireless transmitter for emergency vehicles. The device, which has a unique code, will transmit signals to traffic lights in traffic junctions. The signal will command all other junction lights to turn red so that the emergency vehicle (an ambulance, fire engine or police car) can make a safe path through busy intersections. As a result, the vehicle will get to its destination in a way that is safe for those inside it and for others on the road.

    IEEE Project Team The project will involve designing the wireless transceiver to be connected to the control circuit of the junction and a corresponding transmitter for the vehicle. Police of Thrissur, in Kerala, have agreed to allow the school to use a traffic junction in Thrissur to test out the transmitter system. An ambulance for Daya Hospital will act as a practice vehicle and have the wireless transceiver installed. Engineering students from the university and high-school students will work with engineers and IEEE members Dhaneesh Chandran & Dr Sobha M. to implement the project. They will also keep constant surveillance on the junction because it is so busy.

    The testing period should last for eight months. By the end, a clear vision of how the wireless transceiver works will show how this system greatly benefits the city. With a synchronous traffic control system, emergency vehicles can get to the places they’re needed while keeping the travel environment safe.


    IES College of Engineering

    Police of Thrissur