Project | Image Processing Approach to the Modelling and Design of an Intelligent Traffic Control System

LOCATION: Akoka, Yaba, Nigeria | PROJECT LAUNCHED: March 2013

EPICS Project Team


  • Engineering students at the University of Lagos
  • International School Akoka, Lagos (University of Lagos)
  • Dansol High School


    Select engineering students at the University of Lagos, Akoka are participating in the planning and implementation of an intelligent traffic control system. A system will be designed to reduce traffic congestion by using semi-actuated or fully actuated traffic systems. The control system will be controlled by an image processing program, and an intelligent microcontroller, which can detect road congestion to change traffic signals.

    The project will be divided into three main stages:

    • image processing using MATLAB and other software
    • traffic lights control using microcontrollers
    • the communication link between MATLAB and the microcontroller.

    Interested students from Dansol High School and International School Akoka, Lagos (University of Lagos), will be selected to be involved in the development of the system. Students will first be introduced to the project’s concepts through simulation software and tutorials which teach them how microcontrollers work. These lessons will be introduced via science-based clubs at the school. The students will then help in the designing of accurate timing for traffic controllers, which gives them exposure to proper road safety measures.

    Non-profit organization, the OLA Foundation, will coordinate the project and provide expertise in applied engineering skills in order to address any technological challenges in the process. Additionally, IEEE members will establish relationships with the students to give input and promote technological innovations.

    A sustained relationship will be developed with the University Authority to maintain the project through the stakeholders. The local stakeholders will comprise indigenous companies whose fields are micro-electromechanical systems, the Lagos State Traffic controlling unit, and others.


    University of Lagos

    Dansol High School

    OLA Foundation