RallybotsLOCATION: Córdoba, Argentina


PROJECT LEADS:  National University of Córdoba



To facilitate the basic teaching of electronics at the high school level, university students from the National University of Córdoba will design, develop and construct modular educational kits. These kits will cover the basics of electronics, designed with technical guidance from electronics/engineering students at the university level. They will also aid teachers in preparing lessons, which are up to date with college courses, quickly.

The kits will contain a user manual, divided into chapters with each subject’s theoretical development, self-assessment, calculation and application examples, along with practical experiments for each lesson and end of chapter assessments. The necessary components and materials, such as measuring instruments (DMM, oscilloscopes, frequency, SWR meter, wattmeter, dip meter, etc.), power supplies, generators, RF amplifier and other potential items will also be supplied. These materials should be low cost, and easily replaceable, so that the lesson can be recreated.

A cabinet with necessary elements for conducting experiments will be incorporated. It will contain platelet testing, power supplies, signal generators, connectors, indicators, and cables.

The lessons will cover five main modules on the topic: basic electronics (electronic circuits), linear discrete and integrated electronics, digital techniques, analog and digital communications, and microprocessors and microcontrollers.

Six packages, containing the cabinet and the kits, will be distributed among the I.P.E.M. High School in Cordoba, with aid from NGO Fundacion Electroingenieria.


National University of Córdoba

Fundación Electroingeniería

I.P.E.M. High School

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November 25, 2015

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