By Isaac Ryu

The viewer experience has become a significant priority for all major news networks. Whether it’s sports coverage or even an election, networks have turned to new technologies to create an enhanced product.

Before the Tokyo Olympics, NBC selected their augmented reality graphics provider. Ross Video utilizes augmented reality to create graphics displaying numbers, graphs, and other visual creations. 

NBC started to take advantage of AR during the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, and since then, other broadcasting companies have used the widely popular tech. 

AR differs from VR in the way that it is portrayed. VR requires a headset that immerses the user in a wholly digital environment. AR uses a camera that superimposes graphics onto the camera feed. This allows sports broadcasters, for example, to stand next to a chart and comment on it without the need for a screen. 

Outside of the studio, AR can be used on the feed directly from the sport; Adding clarifications, highlighting statistics, and even providing visuals of the athletes themselves. 

One can expect future Olympics to follow suit, and as technology steadily improves, especially when it comes to 5G, the applications of AR are endless.