In 2002 the Oakland Athletics made use of data and analytics to overcome a small budget and compete against teams with budgets that eclipsed their own. The Athletics proceeded to go on a 20 game win streak showing how effective a data-driven approach can be. Flash forward 17 years later we are beginning to see that artificial intelligence can have an impact on the sports industry as well. 

In the sports industry, Artificial Intelligence can be useful when it comes to sportscasting. Artificial Intelligence can help determine the appropriate time to air advertisements based on the viewer’s excitement level. Furthermore, Artificial Intelligence can also automatically provide subtitles for live events based on the viewer’s location. Artificial Intelligence can also make it easier for the viewer to keep track of the action by automatically displaying the appropriate camera angles. 

Scouting and Recruiting can also be made easier through the use of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence can use algorithms to determine what player teams should pursue by comparing them to other players to see where they stand. It can also help to narrow down the strengths and weaknesses of opposing teams to help coaches develop an effective game plan. 

Chatbots are another example of Artificial Intelligence being used in the sports industry. If you attend a live sporting event and have questions after attending this is where chatbots come in. Chatbots are capable of answering inquiries, providing information on the team such as the roster, stats, and giving information on the team’s franchise history. Additionally, chatbots can redirect customers to merchandise to help them make more sales. The customer service that chatbots provide can help strengthen the bond between a team and its fans. 

As it continues to develop AI provides fans with new ways to enjoy lives sports, and gives them opportunities to engage with their favorite sports teams. Moreover, it also gives teams a new approach to scouting.