Artificial intelligence (AI) is a part of our daily lives. From virtual in-home assistants like Amazon’s Alexa to filtering and smart replies in Gmail, AI helps our personal lives immensely. But can AI play a professional role for engineerings? is shifting how we tackle engineering projects. The tech startup, co-founded by Iba Masood and Syed Ahmen, created an engine to analyze open source repositories on the web. Their goal is to develop and streamline engineering projects, predict the work needed to succeed, find the necessary talent to execute the plan, and monitor a project’s overall success. 

Gaining traction and $3 million in donations beginning in 2018, they have continued to grow and have raised over $10 million to continue developing the platform in 2019. 

Having already secured investments and encouragement from tech giants such as Jaan Tallinn (one of the developers of Skype), we are excited to see how artificial intelligence can help engineers become more efficient, organized, and collaborative.