EPICS in IEEE is committed to serving communities through technology regardless of age. The EPICS in IEEE K-12 Initiative is a partnership between 12 public schools in the Baltimore and Chicago areas and Purdue University’s EPICS program. Providing resources to design and complete meaningful projects, K-12 students gain invaluable, hands-on experience while serving their community’s needs.

When Andrew Brown, a rising senior at Hereford High School, and his team were approached by John’s Hopkins Hospital anesthesiologist Jeffrey Dodd-o to find a way to make CT scans easier to interpret, they turned to programming. The team developed an initial program using Python in which users could input data from a CT scans to create a full, unified image from a CT scan. They then developed it into a program with a user interface, ultimately allowing the images to be 3D-printed. Having already successfully created and printed models of human lungs and sections of a spine, the project was met with great success.

The Hereford High School team is only a small fraction of the 200+ students involved with the IEEE K-12 Initiative. Encouraging students of all ages to explore and apply engineering principles and practices in a collaborative setting allows their interests in STEM-related fields to blossom, and paves the way towards an innovative, collaborative tomorrow.