When it comes to our favorite music, we often forget the people behind the scenes who work tirelessly to hone the most common way we hear music: Recordings. Audio engineers meld, shape, and create a specific sound quality that is almost as important as the music itself. Without engineers, the modern music industry would be lost.  

The music recording industry is a unique blend of electrical engineering with artistic innovation and creativity. Audio engineers are inventors in their own right, and from the beginning of recordings with Thomas Edison’s rendition of Mary Had a Little Lamb to popular modern tunes, we must thank our crafty electrical and audio engineers for their often overlooked contributions. 

One engineer who revolutionized the music industry was Joe Meek. Meek is considered one of the most influential sound engineers of all time, and a pioneer of audio engineering. He created groundbreaking concepts such as using the recording studio as an instrument, and he became one of the first producers to be recognized for his individual identity as an artist.

Thanks to engineers like Joe Meek, the music industry continues to grow and flourish with the help of a little tech.