It’s not always easy to get people of different age groups to see eye to eye, and that’s especially true of children and the elderly. What could a  teenager possibly have in common with a 75-year-old? 

While there have been many attempts over the last decade to bridge this generation gap through the use of technology, for the first time, the IEEE Tunisia region developed a mobile application to “gamify” the experience of learning about different generations.

With and EPICS in IEEE grant of $5,200, approximately 50 students from Boulbaba High School and Pilot School in Gaves, along with the nonprofit organizations Jeunes des Sciences and ENACTUS, worked together to develop a game app to encourage communication between aging Baby Boomers and their younger counterparts. During the test phase, the game-like interface engaged three generations (Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Gen Y) through a fun quiz relating to the other generations. The added benefit of a chat function allows users to communicate privately with each other to inspire collaboration and discussion. 

The outcome: A fun and engaging way to foster a relationship and meaningful understanding of different generations, and ultimately, a new way to increase respect and positive views toward each other.