Wichita State was on a roll, literally! IEEE-HKN’s Epsilon Xi chapter in Wichita, Kansas received an EPICS in IEEE grant to fund a community-based outreach program called “Go Baby Go.” Their mission was to adapt battery-powered, ride-on toy cars for children with disabilities that serve their individual needs at no cost to their families.

The project team partnered with the nonprofit organization Rainbows United, Inc. (RUI), who specializes in improving the lives of children with special needs by bringing together community resources and providing customized services. 

Every car was modified based upon each child’s specific needs, desires, and condition. From using a handy-capable friendly Android tablet and app to control the movement of a car to the addition of a ventilator, no challenge was too great to undertake. 

Epsilon Xi used their brilliant minds for the greater good, and in the words of the team “what more can make an engineer proud than seeing his work bring happiness to the homes of children?”. Visit their Facebook page and continue the discussion with EPICS in IEEE here