Google intends to make a significant change to the world of gaming later in the year with its cloud-gaming service “Stadia.” 

Stadia launches November of this year, and the main goal of the service is to make gaming more accessible for users through the use of the cloud. Stadia would work similarly to Netflix, which has usurped the idea of buying movies on DVD or Blu-Ray over the course of the past few years. Netflix allows consumers to pay a monthly subscription, and then they are given a plethora of movies to watch, which is updated continuously.

Similarly, Stadia would require users to pay a monthly charge of $11.99, and initially they would be given 30 games to start out with. Users would be able to buy other games as well, but they would cost an additional charge. 

Google also announced that Stadia has its own controller that is available for $69.99, but there is no other computer hardware needed to run the streaming service. The device simply needs access to an internet connection as well as the capability to run a Google Chrome Browser. 

Pixel 3 users will be able to access Stadia through their smartphones in November, but users of Android and iOS will have to stay tuned until Stadia is available on their device.