The BMW Vision Next 100 gives car enthusiasts a taste of the future of automobiles. Seeking to create a unique, ergonomic luxury car, the wheels, rather than being on a standard axle that extends slightly past the body of the car, are completely flush to the main body. They are covered in what BMW calls “alive geometry,” an adaptive metal skin over the wheel that bends around the wheels that allows the car an incredible turning radius while protecting the wheel mechanism.

The Vision Next 100 comes equipped with gizmos and gadgets unlike anything we’ve seen. It is a level 4 self-driving vehicle, which is considered fully autonomous but can still be manually driven. Ease mode allows passengers to recline in luxurious oversized lounge chairs while the Vision Next 100 escort them to their desired location. Boost mode allows for an enhanced manual driving experience, displaying safety concerns and car information directly on the windshield and dashboard to aid in a safer driving experience. 

It is designed with 4 butterfly doors, creating a completely enclosed shell that delivers only 0.18cW of drag. It is also designed with specialized reflective glass that not only increases privacy within the car, but also reduces the interior heating and cooling of the vehicle by 30%. 

If this hasn’t sounded enough like Back to the Future yet, the car is also intended to include a personalized digital companion that not only handles navigation, but gets to know its driver, provides intuitive assistance, and creates a personalized driving experience for its passengers. 

Although there is no set release date for the Vision Next 100, BMW has released videos of the first functioning prototype on June 25th. Additionally, they announced an accelerated plan for 25 new electric (EV) models to be on the road by 2023, which is 2 years ahead of their original release date.