IEEE Volunteers

IEEE volunteer participation is essential to the success of EPICS in IEEE. Through section support, local area champions are mobilized to lead student members in achieving meaningful benefit for a given community. Reliance on the intelligence of the local individuals with hands-on experience in the target community—as opposed to imagining solutions from afar for a local challenge—increases the likelihood that EPICS in IEEE projects are successfully supported, adopted and maintained on a long-term basis.

Sections interested in participating in EPICS in IEEE should identify a local team leader who will mobilize student members. Regional educational activities or student activities chairs or section volunteers are welcome to participate. These coordinators can assist in the dissemination of the program and work with student branches to submit a proposal for funding support.

IEEE members are required to submit an application for a proposed project, in order to receive funding support from EPICS in IEEE.

To learn more about or submit an application, please download the EPICS in IEEE Application (DOC, 40 KB). Or, please send an e-mail to with your additional questions.